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Custom Sign Creations specializes in creating custom unique to everyday signs. Custom Sign Creations takes pride in innovating landmark electric signs that are sign-sible.

Our decades of experience empower us to tackle challenging projects and succeed with each. The proof lies in our portfolio, featuring an array of channel letter, pylon, neon signs and custom construction. We have been awarded by the Texas Sign Association in various categories for best design and our customers agree with their testimonials.

Extending the Life of Your Sign

Extending the Life of Your Sign

Once you have installed your sign on your building, you may think you don’t ever need to think about your sign again. Your sign represents your business and is the first thing your customer may see. Inspect your sign(s) periodically. Look at them during the day to review the overall appearance of the sign. Is your sign dirty or are birds landing and making nests or just plain making a mess. There are products your sign company can suggest for these common problems. At night, or dusk see if your sign is lighting properly. If it is completely out see if there is a time clock at the breaker panel controlling the time your sign comes on and turns off.  If there are partial issues call your sign company to troubleshoot. And if your sign has been up less than a year its normally under warranty and these days there may be an extended warranty for LED lighting. Routine maintenance should be conducted so that you continue getting use out of your sign and display the image you want to convey for years to come.


Choosing the Right Type of Material

A big component of a sign’s lifespan is a result of the material used to build your sign. Choosing the right material that suits the term of the sign’s life expectancy. If you are looking at temporary advertising banners and woods are practical, cost effective solutions. For longer term permanent signs using more resilient materials. This seems like common sense, but its not always taken into consideration. Also, many materials look the same, but do not have the same durability so one needs to ask questions and build a relationship with a sign company they can trust.  Aluminum is highly durable, and it is able to withstand most types of weather. The paint used should be a polyurethane that has a 5 yr warranty. If there is plastic on your sign, you want to make sure it has a UV protectant. There are various types of vinyl graphics that are short term and long term. Digital prints are prone to fading and damage, if you don’t apply clear UV laminates. While wood is attractive, there are high density foams that can emulate painted wood signs and not have the rotting issues that wood may have. Ultimately, select the product that will last the duration of the sign’s use.  Nothing lasts forever, but there are options to extend the life of your sign.

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3 Design Tips for Creating Compelling Signage


When it comes to marketing, many businesses are focusing on technology and the future. However, one of the best ways to get the word out about your company is still a well-designed sign. Signage is still a great way to bring in new customers, and to really get people interested, you need to design your sign adequately to be compelling.


1. Make It Easy to Read

Your signage is not going to do your business any good if no one can read it. You want to ensure the font is a good size so that people can read it easily from about 100 feet away. Additionally, most business owners will want to stick to a standard, simple font. It can be tempting to go with something cute, especially if you operate a fun business. Most of the time, you simply want to design your signs with legibility in mind.

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